Frederick Public Schools Board Policy

Section G
Community Relations

GAB Equal Access Student Organizations
GAF Memorials for Deceased Students or Staff
GBA Open Records Act
GBA-E Public Record Access Request
GBA-P Patron Requests for District Information

GBA -R Open Records Act (Regulation)
GBAA Cost Notice to Record Requesters
GBAA-E1 Notice to Record Requesters
GBC News Media Relations
GBCA News Releases

GBCA-R News Releases Regulation
GF Public Complaints
GFA-1 Request For Reconsideration of Educational Media
GFA-2 Citizen's Request For Reconsideration of a Book
GFB Grievance Procedure Parent-Teacher

GG Public Relations
GGF Indian Students
GGFA Indian Tribal Involvement
GGFB Indian Tribal Grievance
GI Advertising on School Property

GIA Distribution of Information and Materials to Students
GJ School Visitors
GJ-P School Visitors
GJA Classroom Visitation
GJBA Student Recruitment Access to Student and Directory Information

GJBA-E Notification to Parents Release of Certain Information
GK Use of School Property
GK-E1 Request for Use of School Property
GK -R1 Use of School Property (Regulation)
GKA Releasing Students to Police

GKA-E Form for Signature of Arresting Officer
GKAB Use of Alcohol, Drugs, and Controlled Substances by Employees
GKB Crowd Control Athletic Events
GKB-R Crowd Control Procedures Athletic Events