Frederick Public Schools Board Policy

Section F

FB Sexual Harassment Student
FBA Grievance Procedure Sex Discrimination Harassment
FBA-R Grievance Procedures Sex Discrimination Harassment Regulation
FD Student Residency
FD-E1 Student Residency Affidavits

FD-E2 Residence Affidavit
FD-E3 School Admission form for Students Not Residing with Parents
FD-P Student Residency Dispute Procedures
FDA Students - Enrollment Requirements
FDAC Placement of Multiple Siblings

FDAE Enrollment of Students with foreign Citizenship
FDAH Enrollment of Military Children
FDC Student Attendance
FDC-R1 Attendance Policy Regulation
FDC-R2 Attendance Regulation KG-5

FDD Tardies
FE Open Transfer
FE-P Removal of Juvenile Sex Offender(Procedures)
FEF Student Transfers For Children of School District Employees
FEXX Withdrawal from School

FFA Health - Students
FFA-E1 Instruction for Parents on Head Lice Treatment
FFAAB Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
FFAAB-E HIV-AIDS Medical Information Release
FFAAB-R Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

FFAB Immunizations Students
FFAB-E1 Verification of Immunization Record
FFAB-E2 Certificate of Exemption
FFAB-R Exemptions From Immunization Regulation
FFAC First Aid - Students

FFAC-E Emergency Medical Treatment Consent
FFAC-E2 Parental Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
FFAC-R First Aid Students Regulation
FFAC-P Basic First Aid For Specific Cases
FFACA Medication Administering to Students

FFACA-E1 Medication Administering Authorization
FFACA-E2 Parental Authorization to Administer Medicine
FFACA-R Medications Given At School Regulation
FFACB Self administration of inhaled asthma medication
FFACC Diabetes Medical Management Plan

FFACC-P Diabetic Student Information Sheet
FFAEA Concussions and Head Injuries
FFAEA-E Concussion and Head Injury Acknowledgement & Information Sheet
FFAF Vision Screening of Students
FFD Accident Insurance Students

FFF Student Safety Identification Cards
FFFD Vehicle Use and Parking Students
FFFD-E Acknowledgement Student Parking Areas
FFFD-R Student Automobile Use (Regulations)
FFFF School Bus Program

FFFF-E School Bus Incident Report
FFFF-R School Bus Program Regulation
FFFF-R1 Bus Transportation Eligibility Form
FFFF-R2 Activity Bus Use
FFFFG School Bus Safety Program

FFG Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect
FFG-E Suspected Child Abuse Report Form
FFGA Custodial and Noncustodial Parental Rights
FFGB Interviewing Children at School
FFGB-E DHS-LEA Student Interview

FJ Fund Raising by In-School Organizations
FJ-R Administrative Guidelines For Raffles
FL Student Records
FL-E9 Permission to Access Student Education Record
FL-R Compliance with Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

FLA Cumulative Records
FLC Oklahoma Minor Identification Act
FLC-E Oklahoma Minor Identification Act Consent Form
FLC-R Fingerprinting Students
FLD Student Directory Information

FLD-E Student Directory Information Release Form
FLE Transfer & Release of Information
FLE-E1 Information Permission
FLF Information Coordinator
FM Student Activities Scholastic Eligibility

FM-R Student Activities Eligibility Regulation
FMA-R1 Extracurricular Activities(Regulation)
FMA-R2 Extracurricular Activities Regulation
FMA-R3 Extracurricular Activities Internal Activity Review Committee
FMA-R4 Policy for Child-Student Spectators at School Activities

FMA Extracurricular Activities
FMAC Cheerleaders and Spirit Groups
FMC Student Clubs and Organizations
FMC-E Student Clubs and Organizations Annual Notifications
FMC-R1 Establishing Curricular Clubs & Curricular Organizations(Regulations)

FMC-R2 Noncurricular Clubs & Noncurricular Organizations(Regulations)
FMCAA Gang Activity
FMCB Student Council
FMCB-R Student Council Regulation
FMF-R School Sponsored Activities

FMF Athletics
FMFD Interscholastic Athletics
FMFD-E Student Interest Survey
FMFE Spectator Code of Conduct Athletics Program
FNC Student Conduct

FNC-R Student Conduct Regulation
FNCA Student Conduct Dress Code
FNCA-R Student Conduct Dress Code Regulation
FNCB Responsibility for School Property
FNCC Hazing

FNCD Harassment
FNCD-E Harassment Incident Report
FNCD-P Prohibiting Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying
FNCD-R Prohibiting Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying, (Regulation)
FNCE Reporting Students Under the Influence of or Possessing

FNCF Drug-Free Schools
FNCF Certification Regarding Drug Free Workplace
FNCFD Student Activity Drug Testing Policy
FNCFD-E Student Activity Drug Testing Consent Form
FNCG Weapons

FNCGA Weapons-Free
FNCH Assaults Upon School Employees
FNCH-R Assaults Upon School Employees Regulation
FNF Search of Students
FNF-E Student Searches Checklist

FNF-R Student Searches
FNF-R1 Drug Dog Searches
FNFA Responsibility for Lockers
FNFA-R Responsibility for Lockers Regulation
FNFB Inspection of Student Lockers

FNFBA Drugs, Alcohol and Contraband Searches
FNFBA-R Drugs, Alcohol and Contraband Searches Regulation
FNG Wireless Telecommunication
FNG-R Wireless Telecommunications Devices Rules
FNGA Electronic Reading Devices

FNGA-E Parent Permission-Agreement Form Electronic Reading Devices
FO Student Discipline
FO-R1 Control and Discipline Policy
FO-R2 Records of Student Disciplinary Actions and Procedures
FO-R3 Student Discipline Possession of Alcholic Beverages or Controlled Dangerous Substances Regulation

FO-R4 Student Dicipline Threatening Behavior Regulation
FOB Corporal Punishment
FOC Detention
FOD Suspension of Students
FOD-E1 Notice of Suspension For Under 10 School Days

FOD-E2 Notice of Proposed Suspension For More Than Ten School Days
FOD-E3 Elementary School Suspension Notice
FOD-E4 Middle School High School Suspension Notice
FOD-E5 Notice of Hearing on a Suspension
FOD-E6 Out Of School Suspension Education Plan

FOD-E7 Notice of Preliminary Informal Conference on a Proposed Suspension
FOD-E8 Notice of Emergency Suspension of Student
FOD-E9 Checklist Timeline for Student Discipline and Student Suspension Policies
FOD-P Suspension Contract
FOD-R Suspension of Students (Regulation)

FODD Student Discipline Out of School Actions
FODD-G Prohibition of Gangs and Gang Related Behavior or Incidents
FP Students - Fees, Fines, and Charges
FP-R Students - Fees, Fines, and Charges Regulation
FRA Scheduling Games and Practice Times