Frederick Public Schools Board Policy

Section E

EB School Calendar
EBA School Hours
EBM Attendance Activities Policy
EBM-R Attendance Activities Policy Regulations
EC School Day

EC-R School Day Regulation
ED Organization of Instruction
EEB Class Size
EEC Class Schedules Student
EEI School Volunteers

EEI-R Parent Volunteer Program
EEJB Correspondence Courses
EFA Materials Selection Policies
EFA-R1 School Library Media Center Selection of Materials
EFA-E1 Request for Reconsideration of Library Material

EFA-E2 Report of Reconsideration
EFAB Instructional Materials Selection
EFAB-E School Library Bill of Rights
EFAB-R Instructional Materials Selection
EFACA School Library

EFACA-R School Library Regulation
EFACB Instuctional Television Video Materials
EFBC Computer Use
EFBC-R Compter Use Regulation
EFBCA Internet and other Computer Acceptable Use and Safety Policy

EFBCA-E Internet Access Conduct Agreement
EFBCA-R Code of Conduct for Internet
EFBCB Electronic Mail
EFBCC Web Pages
EFBCC-R Web Site Guidelines

EFD Field Trips and Excursions
EFD-E1 Field Trips, Excursions, and Contests (Student-Parent Form)
EFD-E2 Field Trips,Excursions, & Contests (Teacher-Sponsor Request Form)
EFD-R1 Educational Field Trips (Regulations)
EFD-R2 Student out-of-state trips

EFDA Senior Trips
EFEA Using Copyrighted Material
EFEA-R Using Copyrighted Material Regulation
EFEA-E1 Copyrighted Materials Checklists
EFEA-E2 Permission Release for Copyrighted Materials

EG Curriculum Development
EG-R Curriculum Development Regulation
EHAA Family Involvement
EHAA-R Family Involvement Regulation
EHAC Diploma-Certificate of Distinction

EHACA Diplomas for Veterans
EHAE Drivers Education
EHAI Aids Prevention Education for Students
EHAI-E1 Attendance Waiver for Aids Prevention Education
EHAJ Health Education

EHAK Physical Education
EHBA Equal Education Opportunities
EHBB Gifted Student Program
EHBB-R Gifted Student Program Regulation
EHBBA Advanced Placement Program

EHBC Special Education
EHBC-P1 Special Education Complaint Procedures
EHBCA Extended School Year Services
EHBCA-R Extended School Year Program Standards (Regulations)
EHBDB Title I Parent Involvement

EHBDB-R Title I Parent Involvement Regulation
EHBE Limited English Proficiency Instruction
EHBE-E Limited English Proficient Programs Parent Forms
EHBH - Alternative Education
EHBJ Charter School Application Process

EHBJ-R Charter School Regulations
EHDA Summer School
EHDC High School Coursework Middle School Student
EHDC-R High School Coursework Middle School Student (Regulation)
EHDD Concurrent Enrollment Student

EHDD-R Concurrent Enrollment Student Regulation
EHDF Online Instruction
EIA Promotion and Retention
EIA-E3 Reading Deficiency, Parent Notification
EIA-R1 Grading

EIA-R4 Student Retention (Regulation)
EIA-R5 Midyear Promotion Fourth-Grade
EIAB Report cards
EIAB-R Report Cards Regulation
EIC Honors Program

EIC-R1 Honors Program Regulation
EIDA Honors Program
EIE Student Retention
EIEA Double Promotion of Students
EIEB Proficiency Based Promotion

EIED Graduation Requirements
EIEDC Early Graduation
EIF Student Classification
EIF-R Student Classification Regulation
EK Testing

EK-R1 Testing Program Student Surveys Regulation
EK-R2 Testing
EKBA Reading Sufficiency Testing
EKBB Criterion-Referenced Testing Reading Proficiency
EMC Graduation Policy

EMDA Military Recognition
EMDB Flags
EMDC Constitution
EMG Animals in School
EMI Moment of Silence

EMIA Religious Observances and Displays