Frederick Public Schools Board Policy

Section D

DA Sexual Harassment
DA - E Sexual Harassment - Bullying Report Form
DAA Nondiscrimination
DAAB Grievance Procedure Discrimination
DAAB-R Nondiscrimination

DABB Records Investigation
DABB-E1 Records Investigation
DABB-E2 OSDE Application for Criminal History Record Search
DABB-E3 Temporary Contract
DABB-E4 Authorization and Release Felony Search

DABB-P Felony Records Search
DAC Handicap Policies
DB Teachers Duties and Responsibilities
DB-R Teachers Duties and Responsibilities
DBA Teacher Assistants

DBAA Title I Paraprofessionals
DBCA Standards of Performance and Conduct for Teachers
DBD Conflicts of Interest
DBF-R Mentoring Teachers (Regulation)
DBF Mentor Teachers

DBFA Tutoring
DC Employment Practices
DC-R2 Permanency of Employment
DC-R4 Certification
DCA New Teachers

DCAB Entry Year Assistance Committee
DCAB-R Entry Year Assistance Committee Regulation
DCC Drug-Free Workplace
DCC-C Drug-Free Certification
DCC-E1 Drug-Free Workplace Notice to Employee

DCC-R Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations
DCCA Drug and Alcohol Testing
DCCA-R Drug and Alchol Testing
DCCB Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Bus Drivers
DCCB-R Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Bus Drivers Regulation

DCD Employment of Support Personnel
DCE Employment and Compensation of Athletic Personnel
DDA-R Teachers
DDB Release From Contract
DDC Employee Resignations

DDCA Acceptance of Letters of Resignation
DE Salaries and Expenses
DE-R1 Salary Schedules
DE-R7 Direct Deposit
DEAA Compensation for Lost Time

DEAD Salary and Working Conditions
DEC Personnel Leave Program
DEC-R1 Sick Leave Certified Personnel
DEC-R2 Sick Leave Support Personnel
DEC-R3 Personal Leave

DEC-R5 Leave Jury Duty
DEC-R6 Leave Military Regulation
DECA Family Medical Leave
DECBA Leave Emergency
DECBB Leave Military

DECBC Leave Professional
DECBE-E Maternity Leave
DECBF Bereavement Leave
DECBG Leave of Absence
DECBH-E-FMLA Leave Response

DECBL Public Service Leave
DED-R3 Parental Leave
DEE-P Reimbursement
DEE-R Reimbursement
DEE Expense Reimbursement

DEEB School Bus Licensing Fee
DEEC Student Activites Expense Reimbursement
DEF Unused Sick Leave Bank
DF Retirement Program
DGBA Employee Grievance

DGBA-E1 Grievance Report
DHA Students Fund Raising Activities
DHAA Staff-Student Relationships Professional Development
DHAB-E Staff-Student Communication Permission Form

DHAC Staff Members and Social Networking Sites
DI -R1 Personnel Health AIDS
DI Health - Personnel
DIA Staff Safety
DIAF Hygiene and Sanitation

DIAF-E2 Hepatitis B
DIAF-P Routine Procedures for Sanitation and Hygiene When Handling Body Fluids
DIAF-R Hygiene and Sanitation Regulation Bloodborne Pathogens
DJ Dress and Personal Grooming
DK-R Assignment of Teachers Regulation

DK Assignment of Teachers
DKA Teacher Transfers
DL-R Work Day Certified Personnel Regulation
DL Duties Certified Personnel
DLB Duties Support Personnel

DLB-R Duties Support Personnel Regulation
DLC Faculty Meetings
DLD Planning Periods
DLE Overtime and Compensatory Time
DM Professional Growth

DMA In-service Development
DMAS Educational Opportunities Support Personnel
DMB Professional Growth and Development
DMB-R1 Professional Growth and Development Regulation
DMBA Staff Development Program

DNA Teacher Evaluation
DNA -R4 Plan for Improvement
DNAA Evaluation of Administrative Personnel
DNAB Support Staff Evaluation
DNAB-R1 Evaluation of Support Staff

DNB Personnel Files Certified Staff
DNC Personnel Files Support Employees
DO Special Memorandum
DO Termination of Employment
DO-R Teacher Termination Procedures

DO-E7 Letter of Nonrenewal of Contract of Career Teacher
DO-E8 Letter of Recommendation for Dismissal of Career Teacher
DO-E9 Letter of Nonrenewal of Contract of Probationary Teacher
DO-E10 Letter of Dismissal Probationary Teacher
DO-E11 Discharge Report

DOAC Support Personnel Suspension, Demotion, or Termination
DOAC-E1 Notice to support employees of suspension
DOAC-E2 Hearing Request Form Support Employee
DOAC-E3 Record of Corrective Counseling Support Personnel
DOCA Reduction in Force Certified

DOCA-E1 Notice of Reduction-In-Force
DOCA-E2 Notice of Nonreemployment Reduction-In-Force
DOCB Reduction-in-Force Support Personnel
DOCCA Written Admonishment Teacher
DOCCA-E1 Written Admonishment

DOCCA-E2 Consultation with Employee
DP Employment of Teachers
DPA Qualifications Teachers
DPAA-R School Principals
DPAB School Bus Drivers

DPAB-R School Bus Drivers Regulation
DPB Substitute Teachers