Frederick Public Schools Board Policy

Section C
Business and Support Services

CA Expenditure of District Funds
CA-R Expenditure of District Funds Regulation
CCA Bond Campaigns
CCA-E1 Bond Campaigns
CCA-R Bond Fund Post Issuance Compliance

CCAA Deposit of Sinking Fund Interest
CCB Bidding on Bonds
CDA Management & Investment of Funds
CDA-P Investment Procedures
CDAC General Fund Balance

CDC Public Gifts Donations to the Schools
CDC-R1 Public Gifts Donations to the Schools Regulations
CDC-R2 Donations of Materials or Equipment
CDGA Season Tickets Plan.pdf
CE Annual Budget.pdf

CEB Annual Statistical Financial Reports
CFA School Finance
CFB Activity Funds
CFBB Sanctioning of Booster Clubs
CFC- Auditor

CFEA Salary Deductions
CHA Purchasing and Distribution
CHA-P2 Purchasing
CHA-R Purchasing and Distribution Regulation
CHA-E Affidavit

CHA-E2 Illegal Expenditure Acknowledgement
CHAE Resolution
CHAE Termination of Lease-Purchase Agreement
CHAF Lease-Purchase Agreements Rental of Real or Personal Property or Equipment
CHAG Interlocal Purchasing Cooperatives

CHC Bids and Quotations
CHD Credit Cards
CHD-E Credit Card Use Report
CHD-R School Credit Card Administrative Regulations
CHEA Suspension and Debarment Compliance

CI Disposal of Surplus School Property
CK Safety Program
CK-R Safety Program Regulation
CKAC Emergency Plans
CKAC-R1 Emergency Plans Regulation

CKAC-R2 Emergency Plans Homeland Security Regulations
CKAD School Security Drills
CKAE Drugs, Alcohol and Contraband Searches
CKAE-R Drugs, Alcohol and Contraband Searches Regulation
CKAH Use of Automatic External Defibrillator

CKBB-E Unexpected-Early Dismissal.pdf
CKC Disaster Drills
CKC-R Fire Drills
CKC-R2 Tornado Drills Rules and Procedures

CKCB Bomb Threat
CKCB-E Bomb Threat
CKCB-R Bomb Threat
CKCD Disaster Plans
CKDA Tobacco Use Prohibited

CKE Hazardous Materials
CKE-R Hazardous Materials
CKEA Hazard Communication
CKEA-R Hazard Communication Standard
CKEB Control of Hazardous Energy - Lockout-Tagout

CKEC Mail Handling Safety Procedudres
CKFA Animal Safety
CKGA Sex Offender
CKGA-E Sex Offender Letter to Contractors
CKHA Assaults Upon School Employees

CKHA-R Assaults Upon School Employees (Regulation)
CL Buildings, Equipment,and Grounds
CLA Use of Classrooms
CLB Equipment Accountability
CLB-R Inventories

CLBA Building and Grounds Maintenance
CLBB Buildings and Grounds Security
CLD Vandalism
CLE Special Programs Administration Energy Management Education
CLE-P Energy Conservation Guidelines

CMAB Textbooks
CN School Transportation
CN-E Report of Individual Illegally Passing School Bus
CN-R1 Transportation
CN-R3 Bus Drivers and Use of Technology

CO-R Child Nutrition Programs
CO Child Nutritionand Physical Fitness
COA Business Manager.pdf
COA-R Business Manager - Regulation
COB Food Procurement

COB-P Food Procurement Protest Procedures
COB-R Food Procurement(Regulation)
CODA-E1 Food Safety Program Sample Process Forms
CODA-E2 Food Safety Checklist.pdf
CODA-P Food Safety Program Standard Operating Procedures

COF Vending Machines
CPAB Mail and Delivery Service
CPAC Telephones
CPAC-R Telephones - Regulation
CPACA Cellular Telephones and Other Wireless Telecommunications Devices

CPACA-E Cellular Telephone Guidelines and Agreement
CPACA-R District-Owned Communications Devices (Regulation)
CVCD Disability Accommodations
CVFA Fair Labor Standards Act
CVFA-E Overtime Authorization Form

CVFA-E1 Timekeeping Nonexempt Employees
CVFA-P Fair Labor Standards Act Procedures
CVFA-R Fair Labor Standards Act - Regulation
CVFB Compliance Procedures Fair Labor Standards Act
CWA Sponsorship Program