Frederick Public Schools Board Policy

Section B
School Board Operations

BA Board of Education Legal Status
BAA Board of Education Powers and Duties
BAAB Nepotism
BAB Liability of School Board Members
BBA Board Membership Qualifications

BBB School Board Members Term of Office
BBB-E Oaths of Office
BBC-E Board Vacancies Special Election Resolution
BBC-P Filling Board Vacancies (Procedure)
BBD Board of Education New Members

BBF Code of Ethics for Board Members
BBFB Board Member Conflict of Interest
BBH Development Opportunities, Board Members
BBH-R1 New Board Member Workshop
BBH-R2 School Board Member Continuing Education

BD Board of Education Internal Organization
BDAA Election of Board Officers
BDAAB Board Officers, Terms of Office
BDAB Board President
BDAE Board of Education Officers, Treasurer

BDAE-R Board Treasurer Duties
BDAG Board Clerk
BDAH Board Minutes Clerk
BDAJ Board Minutes Encumbrance Clerk
BDE Consultants

BDF Board Advisory Comittees
BDFB Healthy and Fit School Advisory Committee
BDFC Safe School Committee
BDFD Healthy and Fit School Advisory Committee Safe School Committee
BE-R Board of Eduation Meetings Videoconference Regulation

BE Board of Education Meeting
BEA Agenda Preparation
BEA-E Sample Agenda
BEAA Notification of Meetings
BEAA-P Notification of Meetings - Procedure

BEB Board Meeting Quorum
BEBA Board Voting
BEC Executive Sessions
BED Board of Educ. Public Participation
BED-E Request to Address Board

BED-R Board of Education Public Participation
BEEA Rules of Order
BEF Board of Education Minutes
BEF-P Board Minutes - Procedure
BF Administration in Absence of Policy

BFA Board Policies
BFAB Preliminary Development of Policies
BFAD Policy Dissemination
BG Evaluation of School Board Operations
BGA Performance Audits

BHE Board Member Insurance
BJ Superintendent of Schools
BJB Separation Recruitment of Superintendent
BJCA Term of Office of Superintendent

BJCD Superintendent
BJCD-R Superintendent Evaluation Form
BK Executive Authority
BR Assistant Superintendent
BTA State Certification