Frederick Board of Education

Administration Building

817 North 15th

Frederick, Oklahoma

Board Room

Regular Meeting

5:00 p.m.†††††††††† December 14, 2015



1.               Call to Order



2.               Welcome and Flag Salute



3.               Recognition of Visitors



4.               Vote to approve consent agenda:


1.† ††† Minutes of Regular Meeting of November 9, 2015

2.            Schedule of Events for December.

3.            Memorandum of Understanding by and between Jackson County Health Department and Frederick Public School.

4.            School Calendar for 2016-2017.

5.            Encumbrances within the 2015-2016 General Fund.(Approval of original encumbrances #209 through #214 and changes in encumbrances #86,122,186)

6.            Encumbrances within the 2015-2016 Coop Fund.(Approval of original encumbrances #4).

7.            Encumbrances within the 2015-2016 Building Fund.(Approval of original encumbrances #9 - #13).

8.            Activity Fund Report

9.            Treasurer Report

10.           Frederick Public Schools policies and policy revisions:

BDFC ††††††††††† Safe School Committee

BDFD†††††††††††† Healthy and Fit School Advisory Committee/Safe School Committee

CDGA††††††††††† Season Tickets Plan

CFB††††††††††††††† Activity Funds

DMB†††††††††††††† Professional Growth and Development(Regulation)

DNA†††††††††††††† Teacher Evaluation

DNAA††††††††††† Evaluation of Administrative Personnel

DNAA-P†††††††† Leader Performance Evaluation Procedures

DNA-P††††††††††† Teacher Performance Evaluation Procedures

EFD††††††††††††††† Field Trips and Excursions

EFD-R2††††††††† Student Out-of-State Trips

EIA-R4†††††††††† Student Retention(Regulations)

EIA-R5†††††††††† Midyear Promotions Fourth-Grade

EKBA†††††††††††† Reading Sufficiency Testing

FD†††††††††††††††††† Student Residency

FE†††††††††††††††††† Open Transfer Policy Transfers and Assignments


5.               Reports

††††††††††††††††††††††† Kay Cabaniss, Elementary Principal

††††††††††† Shannon Vanderburg, Superintendent



6.               Vote to accept the Annual Student College Remediation Report as presented.



7.               Vote to approve the final revised 2015-2016 budget.



8.               Vote to approve Section 125 Flexible Fringe Benefits Plan to be effective on 1/1/16.



9.               Vote to approve Vendors list as presented.



10.              New Business.



11.                 Proposed Executive Session to discuss confidential conversations with the boardís attorney concerning a pending claim, investigation, or litigation.

[Authority for Executive Session: 25 O.S. Section 307 (B) (4)]


Proposed Executive Session

Proposed Executive Session for the purpose of conducting the superintendentís evaluation.[Authority for Executive Session: 25 O.S. Section 307 (B)(1)]


A.    Confidential communication between school board and board attorney concerning staff for the 2016-2017 school year.


B.     Consideration to accept evaluation of the superintendent.



12.              Vote to convene in Executive Session



13.†††††† Acknowledge the Board has returned to Open Session.



14.†††††† Recommendations of the Superintendent


A.    No vote intended on communication between school board and board attorney concerning staff for the 2016-2017 school year.


B.     Vote to accept evaluation of the superintendent.








15.†††††† Adjournment


This agenda was posted at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, December 11, 2015 on the door of the Administration Office and on the District Web site.



Designee of the Superintendent